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As the heart of Parkes Medical Ltd., our passionate team is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of medical care. Each of our health professionals has the experience, expertise and compassion to ensure your treatments are handled in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. Reach out today to learn more.

Professional Profile: Team


Consultant Gastroenterologist

  • Professor Miles Parkes is a consultant gastroenterologist at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge. He qualified from Oxford University (BA, 1st Class) and Imperial College, London (MBBS) and worked in London for three years before returning to Oxford for specialist training. He was appointed as a consultant gastroenterologist at Addenbrooke's in 2001, and as Director of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy in 2004. He is currently Director of the Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre.

  • Professor Parkes holds a Bronze National Clinical Excellence Award in recognition of his services to the NHS.

  • Research interests include trials of new therapies in gastrointestinal disease and investigating the molecular genetic basis of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Professor Parkes heads an internationally renowned IBD research group and chairs the UK IBD genetics research consortium. This work has mainly been funded by the Wellcome Trust, the MRC and Crohn's and Colitis UK, and has resulted in a large number of publications and articles in high impact journals including Nature, Cell and Nature Genetics. He has also authored chapters for many textbooks, including the Oxford Textbook of Medicine which is widely regarded at the doctors bible, and is regularly invited to teach and lecture at home and at conferences in Europe, the USA and Australia.


  • BA 1st Class - University of Oxford

  • MRC Research Training Fellowship 1996-1999

  • National Clinical Excellence Award - Bronze 2010, 2015 and 2020

  • Invited lectures - British Society of Gastroenterology, American Gastroenterology Association, European Crohn's and Colitis Organization, United European Gastroenterology Week, Gastroenterology Society of Australia


​Selected Scientific Publications:  

  • Vervier K, Moss S, Kumar N, Adoum A, Barne M, Browne H, Kaser A, Kiely CJ, Neville BA, Powell N, Raine T, Stares MD, Zhu A, De La Revilla Negro J, Lawley TD, Parkes M. Two microbiota subtypes identified in irritable bowel syndrome with distinct responses to the low FODMAP diet. Gut. 2021 Nov 22:gutjnl-2021-325177. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2021-325177. Online ahead of print.

  • Eijsbouts C, Zheng T,  Kennedy NA, Bonfiglio F, Anderson CA, Moutsianas L, Holliday J, Shi J, Shringarpure S, 23andMe Research Team, Voda AI, The Bellygenes Initiative, Farrugia G, Franke A, Hübenthal M, Abecasis G, Zawistowski M, Skogholt AH, Hveem K, Esko K, Teder-Laving T, Zhernakova A, Camilleri M, Boeckxstaens G, Whorwell PJ, Spiller R, McVean G, D’Amato M, Jostins L, Parkes M. Genome-wide analysis of 53,400 people with irritable bowel syndrome highlights shared genetic pathways with mood and anxiety disorders. Nature Genetics. 2021 Nov;53(11):1543-1552. doi: 10.1038/s41588-021-00950-8. Epub 2021 Nov 5.

  • Stournaras E, Qian W, Pappas A, Hong YY, Shawky R, UK IBD Bioresource Investigators, Raine T, Parkes M. Thiopurine monotherapy is effective in ulcerative colitis but significantly less so in Crohn’s disease: long term outcomes for 11,928 patients in the UK Inflammatory Bowel Disease BioResource. Gut2021 Apr;70(4):677-686

  • Goldberg R, Clough JN, Roberts LB, Sanchez J, Kordasti S, Petrov N, Hertweck A, Lorenc A, Jackson I, Tasker S, Appios A, Omer O, Parkes M, Prescott N, Jenner RG, Irving PM, Lord GM. A Crohn's disease-associated IL2RA enhancer variant determines the balance of T cell immunity by regulating responsiveness to IL-2 signaling.  J Crohns Colitis. 2021 Jun 12:jjab103.

  • The Impact of NOD2 Genetic Variants on the Gut Mycobiota in Crohn's Disease Patients in Remission and in Individuals Without Gastrointestinal Inflammation.  Nelson A, Stewart CJ, Kennedy NA, Lodge JK, Tremelling M, Probert CS, Parkes M, Mansfield JC, Smith DL, Hold GL, Lees CW, Bridge SH, Lamb CA; UK IBD Genetics Consortium. J Crohns Colitis. 2021 May 4;15(5):800-812.

  • Olafsson S, McIntyre RE, Coorens T, Butler T, Jung H, Robinson PS, Lee-Six H, Sanders MA, Arestang K, Dawson C, Tripathi M, Strongili K, Hooks Y, Stratton MR, Parkes M, Martincorena I, Raine T, Campbell PJ, Anderson CA. Somatic Evolution in Non-neoplastic IBD-Affected Colon. Cell. 2020 Aug 6;182(3):672-684.e11. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2020.06.036. Epub 2020 Jul 21

  • Rengarajan S, Vivio EE, Parkes M, Peterson DA, Roberson EDO, Newberry RD, Ciorba MA, Hsieh CS. Dynamic immunoglobulin responses to gut bacteria during IBD. Gut Microbes. 2019 Jun 16:1-16. doi: 10.1080/1949097

  • Parkes M and IBD BioResource Investigators. IBD BioResource: an open-access platform of 25 000 patients to accelerate research in Crohn's and Colitis. Gut. 2019 Jul 3. pii: gutjnl-2019-318835. 

  • Castro-Dopico T, Dennison TW, Ferdinand JR, Mathews RJ, Fleming A, Clift D, Stewart BJ, Jing C, Strongili K, Labzin LI, Monk EJM, Saeb-Parsy K, Bryant CE, Clare S, Parkes M, Clatworthy MR. Anti-commensal IgG drives intestinal inflammation and type 17 immunity. Immunity. 2019 Apr 16;50(4):1099-1114

  • Biasci D, Lee JC, Noor NM, Pombal DR, Hou M, Lewis N, Ahmad T, Hart A, Parkes M, McKinney EF, Lyons PA, Smith KGC. A blood-based prognostic biomarker in IBD. Gut. 2019 Aug;68(8):1386-1395. 

  • Sazonovs A, Kennedy NA, Moutsianas L, Heap GA, Rice DL, Reppell M, Bewshea CM, Chanchlani N, Walker GJ, Perry MH, McDonald TJ, Lees CW, Cummings JRF, Parkes M, Mansfield JC, Irving PM, Barrett JC, McGovern D, Goodhand JR, Anderson CA, Ahmad T; PANTS Consortium. Predictors of anti-TNF treatment failure in anti-TNF-naive patients with active luminal Crohn's disease: a prospective, multicentre, cohort study. Lancet Gastro  Hep. 2019 May;4(5):341-353. 

  • Kiely CJ, Clark A, Bhattacharyya J, Moran GW, Lee JC, Parkes M. Acetarsol Suppositories: Effective Treatment for Refractory Proctitis in a Cohort of Patients with IBD. Dig Dis Sci. 2018 Apr;63(4):1011-1015. 

  • Lee JC, Biasci D, Roberts R… UK IBD Genetics Consortium, Traherne JA, Lyons PA, Parkes M, Smith KG. Genome-wide association study reveals distinct genetic contributions to prognosis and susceptibility in Crohn's disease. Nature Genetics.  2017 Feb;49(2):262-268

  • Luo Y, de Lange KM, Jostins L, Moutsianas L, … Wilson DC, Lee JC, Prescott NJ, Lees CW, Mathew CG, Parkes M, Barrett JC, Anderson CA. Exploring the genetic architecture of inflammatory bowel disease by whole-genome sequencing identifies association at ADCY7. Nature Genetics. 2017 Feb;49(2):186-192

  • de Lange KM, … Parkes M, Lees CW, Uhlig H, Hawkey C, Prescott NJ, Ahmad T, Mansfield JC, Anderson CA, Barrett JC. Genome-wide association study implicates immune activation of multiple integrin genes in inflammatory bowel disease. Nature Genetics. 2017 Feb;49(2):256-261.

  • Cesarini M, Collins GS, Rönnblom A, Santos A, Wang LM, Sjöberg D, Parkes M, Keshav S, Travis SP. Predicting the Individual Risk of Acute Severe Colitis at Diagnosis. J Crohns Colitis. 2016 Sep.

  • Ellinghaus D, Jostins L, Spain SL, Cortes A, …. McGovern DP, Karlsen TH, Barrett JC, Parkes M, Brown MA, Franke A. Analysis of five chronic inflammatory diseases identifies 27 new associations and highlights disease-specific patterns at shared loci. Nature Genetics. 2016 May;48(5):510-8

  • Cleynen I, Boucher G, Jostins L, .., Parkes M, Vermeire S, Rioux JD, Mansfield J, Silverberg MS, Radford-Smith G, McGovern DP, Barrett JC, Lees CW. Inherited determinants of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis phenotypes: a genetic association study. Lancet. 2016 9;387(10014):156-67.

  • Liu JZ, van Sommeren S, … Parkes M, Bk T, Daly MJ, Kubo M, Anderson CA, Weersma RK. Association analyses identify 38 susceptibility loci for inflammatory bowel disease and highlight shared genetic risk across populations. Nature Genetics. 2015 Sep;47(9):979-86.

  • Raine T, Liu JZ, Anderson CA, Parkes M*, Kaser A*. (* equal contribution) Generation of primary human intestinal T cell transcriptomes reveals differential expression at genetic risk loci for immune-mediated disease. Gut. 2015 Feb;64(2):250-9. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2013-306657. 

  • Norman JM, Handley SA, Baldridge MT, Droit L, Liu CY, Keller BC, Fleshner P, Stappenbeck TS, McGovern DP, Keshavarzian A, Mutlu EA, Sauk J, Gevers D, Xavier RJ, Wang D, Parkes M, Virgin HW. ­­­Disease-specific Alterations in the Enteric Virome in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Cell 2015 Jan 29;160(3):447-60

  • Lee JC, Espéli M, Anderson CA, Linterman MA, Pocock JM, … Williams TN, Barton A, Vinuesa CG; UK IBD Genetics Consortium, Parkes M, Lyons PA, Smith KG.  Human SNP Links Differential Outcomes in Inflammatory and Infectious Disease to a FOXO3-Regulated Pathway. Cell. 2013;155:57-69.

  • Ellinghaus D, Zhang H, Zeissig S, … Rosenstiel P, Schreiber S, Parkes M*, Franke A*. Association Between Variants of PRDM1 and NDP52 and Crohn's Disease. Gastroenterology. 2013; Aug 145(2)

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  • Cooke J, Zhang H, Greger L, Silva AL, Massey D, Dawson C, Metz A, Ibrahim A, Parkes M. Mucosal genome-wide methylation changes in inflammatory bowel disease. Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2012 Mar 14. 

  • Lee JC, Lyons PA, McKinney EF, Sowerby JM, Carr EJ, Bredin F, Rickman HM, Ratlamwala H, Hatton A, Rayner TF, Parkes M, Smith KG. Gene expression profiling of CD8+ T cells predicts prognosis in patients with Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis.  J Clin Invest. 2011 Oct 3;121(10):4170-9 

  • Anderson CA, … Daly MJ, Barrett JC, Parkes M, Annese V, Hakonarson H, Radford-Smith G, Duerr RH, Vermeire S, Weersma RK, Rioux JD. Meta-analysis identifies 29 additional ulcerative colitis risk loci, increasing the number of confirmed associations to 47. Nat Genet. 2011 Mar;43(3):246-52. 

  • Sharkey L, Bredin F, Nightingale A, Parkes M. The use of Ciclosporin A in Acute Severe Ulcerative Colitis: Long term outcomes, J Crohn’s and Colitis 2011 Apr;5(2):91-4. 

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  • Franke A, McGovern DP, Barrett JC, … Schreiber S, Cho JH, Annese V, Hakonarson H, Daly MJ, Parkes M.  Genome-Wide Meta-Analysis Increases to 71 the Number of Confirmed Crohn’s Disease Susceptibility Loci. Nature Genetics. 2010;42(12):1118-25.

  • UK IBD Genetics Consortium, Barrett JC, Lee JC, …Mansfield JC, Satsangi J, Parkes M, Mathew CG and WTCCC2 Genome-wide association study of ulcerative colitis identifies three susceptibility loci, including HNF4A. Nature Genetics2009 Dec;41(12):1330-4. 

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Recent Publications – reviews and chapters:

  • Parkes M and Raine T ‘Crohn’s Disease’ chapter in Oxford Textbook of Medicine 6th Edition, Eds John Firth, Christopher Conlon, Timothy M. Cox. Oxford University Press 2020. 

  • Noor NM, Verstockt B, Parkes M, Lee JC. Personalised medicine in Crohn's disease. Lancet Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2020 Jan;5(1):80-92. doi: 10.1016/S2468-1253(19)30340-1.

  • Lamb CA, Kennedy NA, Raine T, Hendy PA, Smith PJ, Limdi JK, Hayee B, Lomer MCE, Parkes GC, Selinger C, Barrett KJ, Davies RJ, Bennett C, Gittens S, Dunlop MG, Faiz O, Fraser A, Garrick V, Johnston PD, Parkes M, Sanderson J, Terry H; IBD guidelines eDelphi consensus group, Gaya DR, Iqbal TH, Taylor SA, Smith M, Brookes M, Hansen R, Hawthorne AB. British Society of Gastroenterology consensus guidelines on the management of inflammatory bowel disease in adults. Gut. 2019 Dec;68(Suppl 3):s1-s106. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2019-318484. Epub 2019 Sep 27. 

  • Parkes M, Noor NM, Dowling F, Leung H, Bond S, Whitehead L, Upponi S, Kinnon P, Sandham AP, Lyons PA, McKinney EF, Smith KGC, Lee JC. PRedicting Outcomes For Crohn's dIsease using a moLecular biomarkEr (PROFILE): protocol for a multicentre, randomised, biomarker-stratified trial. BMJ Open. 2018 Dec 5;8(12):e026767. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-026767.

  • Thomas MG, Bayliss C, Bond S, Dowling F, Galea J, Jairath V, Lamb C, Probert C, Timperley-Preece E, Watson A, Whitehead L, Williams JG, Parkes M, Kaser A, Raine T. Trial summary and protocol for a phase II randomised placebo-controlled double-blinded trial of Interleukin 1 blockade in Acute Severe Colitis: the IASO trial. BMJ Open. 2019 Feb 15;9(2):e023765. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-023765

  • Lamb CA et al. British Society of Gastroenterology consensus guidelines on the management of inflammatory bowel disease in adults. Gut. 2019 Dec;68(Suppl 3):s1-s106. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2019-318484. 

  • Weersma RK, Parkes M. Diverticular disease: picking pockets and population biobanks. Gut. 2019 May;68(5):769-770. doi: 10.1136/gutjnl-2019-318231.

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